"You must first be who you really are, then do what you love to do, in order to have what you want."
        Margaret Young


When you are ready for a change...

Ever wondered what to do when you have come to a turning point in your life, personally or professionally?  You may not know yet how important this change really is because you may be ready for the next level of accomplishment.

Sandhi is a highly experienced coach & social entrepreneur who works with people who are great at what they do and who are ready to take their personal or professional live to a greater level of satisfaction and fulfilment. His coaching areas include:

Life Transition

Are you at a crossroad? Have you recently changed your jobs, are dealing with some important relationship issues, have come to a major decision point in your life regarding your career, health, relationships, money or home? Do you want to realize a dream, idea or project but don't know how to go about it?

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Leadership skills
May be it is time to be ready for new levels of leadership in your life. Do you want to explore and apply your innate abilities to become an effective leader in your chosen field? Do you have a sense that you are capable of much more than you are currently displaying in life or career?

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Life path
Do you feel that your life needs to get back on track? Are you ready to discover your life purpose and find your true calling? Feeling uncertain about your current direction and are committed to make a positive change?


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  • - Do you feel that your life needs to get back
      on track?
  • - Are you ready for a change, personally or

  • - Are you ready for new levels of
      leadership in your life?
  • - Are you at a crossroad?



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